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Transportation Notes | Ticketing and SeatingReservations and Payment 




TEACHERS - please know your bus number!

Bus loading/unloading will be the standard way it is handled at Augusta University.  Buses enter the parking lot behind the Theatre from Arsenal Avenue, then drop the students on Walker Street (the small road directly adjacent to the Theatre; it’s parallel to Walton Way and rims the large parking lot).  Students will be dropped at the side of the Theatre, at the front corner, so they can walk right up the steps into the Theatre.  The bus will then exit around the traffic circle.


Buses will park in the St. Mary's on the Hill Catholic School parking lot.  After unloading your bus, drive out the front of the campus at the fountain. Make a left turn onto Walton Way, and then the first left onto Arsenal Avenue. Continue until Arsenal ends at McDowell Street.  Keep going straight. You’ll see a small building ahead that says “Boy Scout Hut”. The lot is behind it.  (It looks small but is very large).  Please park your bus closest to Arsenal Avenue.  At the end of the performance, buses will line up on Walker Street, and students will board buses right next to the Theatre as they exit the side doors.



Since we have 3 shows a day (at 9:30 AM, 10:45 AM and 12:15 PM) those schools leaving the 9:30 AM show exit the Theatre at the same time as those arriving for the 10:45 AM show.  IF buses arrive for the 10:45 show early for Student Drop Off, before the 9:30 show has been dismissed (at 10:15 AM), those arriving students will enter the Lobby of the theatre, permitting them to enter the Theatre soon after it empties from the earlier performance, avoiding the overlapping arrivals and departures, and permitting their buses to immediately leave campus.   That is an incentive to arrive in a timely manner, decreasing congestion between those shows for teachers and buses.


At the end of each performance, classes will be dismissed from both side doors of the Theatre to meet their buses.



























You will receive your ticket inside the front door of the Performing Arts Theatre the morning of the performance.  Please have each class enter the Theatre in a single line, with the teacher at the front of the line.  Give your name, and you will be asked how many seats you have (to make sure the number on the ticket matches.)  Each class will have a ticket for the exact number of reserved seats for students and adults.  Upon receiving your ticket, a Seater will take you directly to your seats.


Please allow enough time to arrive, receive your ticket and be seated prior to show time.  We don’t want anyone to miss a single moment!





Please let us know if your number of students changes as soon as you can.  We know there will be changes, but you are financially responsible for seats you are holding prior to the day of the performance.  Our rates depend on being able to sell seats you don’t need to someone else.  If students are absent, you may bring anyone else to sit in your unused seats – they belong to you.  We ask that parents who meet you at the Theatre to enjoy the performance with their children pay the same amount as your students.  Teachers and class chaperones who travel on the bus are free.


Payment for tickets is due in advance on the date specified on your reservation.  If you don’t have all your money collected on time, just let us know and we will work with you.  We want you to be able to attend, and will help any way we can.  If you need more time, just ask – we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.  We look forward to having you and your students with us.



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